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Compression Failure, WinSock Error 0 "No error"
Verifying: c:\srcds\cstrike\sound\ambient\tones\roomtone2.wav
Downloading: c:\srcds\cstrike\sound\ambient\tones\roomtone3.wav
Compression Failure, WinSock Error 0 "No error"

I had the problem earlier in the download with the cs_office.bsp file and overwriting it with a full one that a subscriber posted seemed to do the trick. So if at all possible can someone put this file somewhere I can download it from (ie. over http or ftp)?

The file again is "roomtones3.wav"

Help much appreciated, thanks.
This is occuring when I'm doing a HldsUpdateTool
Delete the clientregistry.blob file then try it again.

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