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Severe CHOKE in HL2DM Servers
Is anyone else out there having problems with severe choke on their servers when running HL2DM?

When one of my two HL2DM servers gets about ten players (or more, or course), I start to see very high levels of choke. When I connect as a player and turn on net_graph 3, I observe choke levels often in the range of 20-50 when more than ten players are on the server.

I've got a machine that should be able to handle HL2/Source dedicated servers with no problem. We have a rack-mounted dual-processor AMD64 Opteron 244 server with 2GB of DDR, routed through a Cisco switch to a fiber optic backbone (hosted at The Planet, in Dallas). I have checked the server remotely when it the choke is occurring, and the CPU and other vital resources are running at only 10% or less of capacity -- so I don't think I'm maxing out the hardware by any means.

I also run several other HLDS-based server instances on this machine, and none of them show any significant (usually 0 or 1) choke, even when the HL2DM servers are full.

I'm a reasonably experienced server operator , and have tried playing with all the obvious cvars (sv_maxupdaterate, sv_minupdaterate, sv_minrate, sv_maxrate), but to no avail.

Here are my questions:

1) Is everyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

2) Is there a solution?

3) Is it a bug, and is the development team working on it?

You can see the server IPs to test them out and see what I mean here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[I&S] Pvt. John
I run a planet server and have NOT had the choke problem. my machine is different it is a dual xeon 2.8 running windows 2003 server.

I run 3 HL2DM one CSS and one BF1942 DCF out of the same machine. The only problem I have is that one of my servers runs buildingblocks map. it has problems with cpu usage and has to be rebooted frequently. but other than that all servers run pretty full without lag or choke problems.

I have eachserver running on different IP's with minimal changes to the default SRCDS default settings.

hope that helps you

[Image: server.jpg]
Thanks for the reply.

That means there is a solution, I've just yet to find it Smile

I will try running on separate IP's and see if that makes a difference.
christ dude at least try converting to a jpg so i dont have to dl a 3.5mb file that can easily be 35kb Gaming Servers
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oops, sorry, done

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