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Quad Core Processor (Intel Quad Core Q6600) CS:Source
Hi ya,

Basically I want to run one massive 64 slot @ 66tick server, I have been looking at the Intel Quad Core Q6600 chips as their value for money against the larger chips.

Has anyone had any experience of using such a chip to run a dedicated Counter Strike Source Server? Or has anyone had issues with the srcds running on just a single core and not all 2 or 4 cores????

Note: Ignoring any other specs such as network connection, ram etc as thats just mustard.

srcds uses just 1 core at the moment so having for is of no benefit for just 1 server. however having more than one means that you can assign a server to a specific core for load balancing. plus you get to run a lot more servers since you have 4 cores.
Hmmm... I'm just after a single *FAT* server, not interested in running multiple servers. A multicore processor sounded like the best way to go.

Any suggestions on CPU? Preferably Intel?
Intel is the best way to go. Right now, srcds is best run on a single core as there hasn't been a release which optimizes it for multi-core architecture (which has been in the making since 2005 or something like that).

BUT, i assume this release *shouldn't* be too far away since most servers are needing the power of dual and quad cores if Valve keep bloating srcds.

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