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Players playing as headcrabs and other models...
Does anyone know of a way to prevent this on the server side? For instance, is there a way to auto-kick/ban players not using the standard player models?


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Quote:#1 Lamarr

This is not strictly enclosed to just the lamarr model but is named as that was the first example. In any map that uses any npc model's on the map (ie dm_steamlabs) it is possible for any player to change to that model within that map. This becomes more severe as it is possible to change to models like bricks, and charging stations. The main problem however rises when said player is killed, the server will lockup, all players will get a memory read error, and be booted from the server. This can take place on all maps, including Valve offical ones.

...I have played on a server running steamlabs and the headcrab player model thing is really annoying. I don't run steamlabs, so I haven't seen this on my server (yet), but I'm curious if there might be a way of limiting the models that a player is allowed use.
I think there is a steam update tomorrow that will fix this.

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