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Me as admin !!!!
Ok lOoK I DIDNT dO ANYTHING TO MY SERVER i didnt Do anything with my Ip so i can make player Join !!!
so I makeing it Like that so i can add Items In my admin Plugin are All working Perfect Just when i want to add Commads iN the chat BOX nOTHING !!!!
aND what Do i do with my client TxT AND My flags TxT ???? And i want to know how to kick player and slap or Blind them In the game !?!?!?!?

and also my Quake soUNDS i Add all my commads for them in the Game txt in my cfg file and My server CFG TXT 2 AND ALSO IM the only 1 in the server So will it efect them So the will not work only with More then 1 player ?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!
Cuz im add things in My server befor i Lunch it to the Clients !!!

so PLese Help me in this !!!!!
Keep typing like that, everyone will keep ignoring you.

Add it to your existing thread and quit opening new threads for every single problem please.
oK SRy Big Grin
what i want to know how can i use my admin PLugin ?
Like slap a player or kick ban i player in the game ? how can i do that ????Rolleyes please help me .
first off, stop writing like this "HelLO mY name is XXXXXX" It might even piss someone off.
But I did recommend taking a short trip to mani's website.

But in chat, type: @menu
it openes a menu, where you got several options, easy to use. You can also type ma_help in console and get a full list of commands.

and as Muppet said, stop writing 100 threads.


P.s. I heard about you not knowing about zip folders, it was kinda' funny, but good luck!
thank you all for the help

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