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HI! im a linux n00b....
Well since the steam forums are full of idiots I thought I would post here........

Im trying to run a linux css server....Im using ubuntu-server 6.06 with xfce4 desktop......ANYWAY I can get the server to run fine and everything but I cant push the server past 50 fps......there are some guides about how to make it go further but im a but of a linux n00b and dont understand what they are talking about........any ideas....

Thanks in advance
This would involve kernel modification. You need to change the kernel interrupt timer to 1000hz (in other words, recompile your kernel to 1000hz).

Since you are using Ubuntu, visit and post there. Support there is second to none compared to all other distros.
thank you! and does the 1000hz limit the fps to 1000 or does that just unlock something?
It increases the kernel interrupt timer to 1000hz. Which in srcds terms, allows for 1000fps.

1000hz is the general limit for all kernels as far as i know - some people even say its overkill for SRCDS. But i've never had problems with my 1000FPS servers.

But yes, it will allow you to get 1000FPS SRCDS servers (since the defaults HZ for kernels is normally 100 or 125hz nowadays).
then how do people like NFO offer 2000fps servers?
To lure people in from other GSPs who don't know much about SRCDS and bragging rights. It's a total waste of resources running servers with that high a FPS. The difference between 512FPS and 1000FPS will be almost minimal to most people.

Edit: I've just checked their prices for an 11slot 100tick 2000FPS server in Seattle. Just over $100/month - that is a total joke!

In the UK, we can get 18 slot 100tick 1000 FPS for £20/month = ~$41/month. Unlucky USA...
see your steam forums thread. I spelled it out for you

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