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Problem starting a css dedicated server
Machine: dual xeon 2.8, 2048 ram, sata hd
Os: Debian woody


I used ./srcds_run -console -binary ./srcds_i686 -game cstrike -port 27020 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 11


"Auto-restarting the server on crash"
"Tue Feb 22 12:15:38 CET 2005: Server Quit"

...nothing else...

I tried a different binary, a different port...nothing.

Help me pls Sad . Thank you.

Ps. On the server there are five istances of cs 1.6 ds at port 27015,27016,27017,27018,27019.

PPs. I tried also with switch -debug, but it didn't create any lof file :\
Don't use port 27020, think it's HLTV,, try another port Cool
thank you for reply, but I tried to use various ports, for example 27040, 30000, 1337 etc etc Sad .
you can use 27020 for srcds, diablo, please tell me the results of
ldd --version
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Diablo81 Wrote:Problem:

I used ./srcds_run -console -binary ./srcds_i686 -game cstrike -port 27020 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 11
Shouldn't that be '-game "Counter-Strike Source"'?

My apologies for the off-topic.
May the Source be with you...

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no, -game cstrike is correct
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try port 27015 or 27035
well, he wouldnt be able to use 27015 as he is already using it for another server.

might try running it without the "-binary ./srcds_i686"
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I have exactly the same problem.

Anyone found a solution to this yet?

to post 5 I was wondering that as well when I downloaded cs1.6 it gave me a hlds_run file and I thought that only hl2 games got srcds_run?

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