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oK MY protfoward when i UPdate it says geting server info..... and notheing happends Sad and also my Quake sounds where do i Put it in the SOunds/admin_plugings ???? so plz help me in the Portfowarder and also My Quake sounds where do i Put it ??? So please help me in my PF how can i use it PLase !!Sad
ugh...I would love to help, but your writing is kind of hard to read. So you are having trouble installing the Quake Sounds ? So was I, but here is what I did to get them to work: dragged the "cfg" and "sounds" folders (from the quake sounds download) into my srcds/cstrike folder. So then i went into cstrike/cfg/mani_quake_sounds.cfg and changed the "mani_quake_sounds 0" to: "mani_quake_sounds 1". And at the bottom of that same cfg file, i changed the last two options (player settings and autodownload to 1). NEXT. i went into my srcds/cstrike/cfg/mani_server.cfg, and added these lines to the bottom:

// Call to the mani_quake_sounds.cfg file if it exists
exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg

ok? also, in your server.cfg, make sure that somewhere it says "exec mani_server.cfg" (no quotes). If you dont have a server.cfg, make one here.

There, that all worked for me. If you have more questions, ask away. I hope i could help (and i hope i answered your question)

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