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Multiple Server on One Box
Hi all, I've got srcds(counter-strike source) running on my server, and I was wondering if I can run two css servers from the one srcds install? One of the servers will be a normal css server and the other a gungame deathmatch server. Will this work ok? and can i have a different config file for each server?

My Server:
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
- 2Gb RAM
- Running SuSE Linux 10.2 x86_64

Thanks in Advance.

PS. I've read the Assigning IP's tutorial, so IP's are no problem.
you can by sym-linking folders as if you don't both servers will run whatever is in the addons folder. other than that, you can just cp the whole srcds folder to a new location unless you're out of space or something.
What i've seen some hosts do is symlink pretty much all of the folders in srcds except, addons and cfg i think it was.

This way, don't need to copy the whole srcds folder multiple times. All that would be unique to each server would be those 2 folders.

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