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Woes! Sick and Tired...
The most common problem on these boards it seems, too bad I actually have extensive esperience and STILL cannot figure this shit out.
I am ready tostart killing people. Took a day off for this community project and still fucking can't do shit.
That should be it for swearing, switching to polite PG13 mode, starting now.

Can't connect through the NET, doesn't show up in master list. Seems to be connecting to master servers fine though.

The background:

Recreational CS:S gamer, former LanParty goer, custom rig builder, overclocker, designed my own case, web developer\designer (occupationally), photographer and video editor, ad-free webmaster, CCNA certified and the list probably goes on.

The story:

Yesterday at 2AM while transferring files over HTTP I noticed they were going insanely fast. My connection right now is 6000kbps down and 2200-2400 kbps up. This means a serious server right out of my bedroom.

The hardware:

Comcast modem
Netgear WRG614v6
Opteron 170 at 2.5Ghz
Dualchannel ddr420 1GB
Hitachi 7T250 160GB sata
Seagate 320GB sata
ASRock Dual-SATA2
7900GT @ 550/1600
X-Fi ExtremeMusic
100Mbit wired link

The 'so-far':

Forwarded ports(1200, 27020-27050, 27015, 27020, 27011)
Tried DMZ
Tried GUI
Tried console
Disabled all windows firewalls
Disabled router SPI firewall
Enabled WAN ping
Checked if ISP blocks ports
sv_lan 0
Tried using console's 'connect What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image'
Tried using console's 'connect [dns]'

The present progress:

[Image: 168238777.png]
Using console version
I can only connect through LAN
Using win32 xpsp2 forwards to my external IP of
PLease help soon, I am about to explode!
I guess I took care of it. Thanks for uhh, hosting this?
im not sure if your serious or if your being a sarcastic complainer.

make sure your IP is set in your launch parameters. Im pretty sure you use physical IP address not internet address, but i might be wrong so try the other if the first doesnt work.
connect your server directly to the modem and then if people can connect you didn't forward the right ports or didn't do it correctly.

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