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Hi, I got a job: helping someone to build his server. Now, I will get SSH so I will be able to upload files etc. But, the problem is that I have Windows, and the computer where the server should run has Linux. What I am asking is that if I have SSH permission, can I activate the files of the HLDSupdatetool and to download the server files to that computer? Or, I can't do that (because there are files of Linux that you can't open in Windows - and I never had SSH permission, and I don't know if although I can control files in that computer, will I be able to open files of linux while I have Windows?) and will I have to download all the server files into my computer - and how I do that if I have Windows and I need the Linux files? Thank you...
SSH is basically just remote terminal access (linux's version of command prompt).

Just look at the linux tutorial on the frontpage of this site. Everything you type into SSH is like a remote command on the server, so it doesn't matter what OS you are connecting to it with, as long as you download the linux server files.
Alright! thanks

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