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Hl2dm Server starting problems
When I try to start my hl2dm server it says:

The instruction at "0x00db2c4a" refrenced memory at "0x119100cc" . The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program

Why does it do this.

It works fine with css.
it means that some of your files are corrupted probably. Do an update and set verify_all.
I updated it and still the same thing. Where do i put verify_all?
the update command for cstrike would be
hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-strike Source" -dir your_own_dir -verify_all

It will show you a lot of files scrolling down your screen very fast which is good.

Otherwise, you can try to remove the entire cstrike folder and reinstall it.
Ummmm...I'm having this problem with hl2dm not css, but should I just do that in the hl2dm version?
I put verify all in it and it threw the error, so i'll just reinstall the hl2dm.
sorry, my bad.

Make sure you put a - in front of it, and an _ in front of it.
If it throws in an error, you don't have to reinstall it, just the command line you are giving should be corrected.

And please use the right directory =)
Thanks, I got it.

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