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Lag problem, CPU / Memory just fine...
Ok I am trying to narrow a problem that is plagueing me. Here are the details:

2 servers:
1 100tick 27 players glass (one slot is a sourcetv which is rarely used)
1 66 tick 18 players wc3 mod

When both are full (or closely full) the 100 tick will lag BADLY, yet pings do not go up. I do not know if the 18 play is affected because I rarely play on it. You can tell its lagging because you will jump and you gun will act funny when fireing and reloading. If I check stats command the cpu shows that it is 99.0.

Yet, when I check the server it self, its a dedicated box, there are PLENTY of resources free. It has at least 1.5GB of memory free and the dual Xenons are only at 50% (25% each) and will *sometimes* spike to 75%. They are never remotly close to 100%. Does anyone know what could be causeing this? Below are the stats for the server:

2 x 2.8Ghz Xenons
Windows 2003 Server x64bit edition
100MBit connection (Atlanta, GA datacenter)

The box also runs the server's website (hardly any traffic) and a small teamspeak and vent server.
It could be a problem similar to someover over in the srcds Linux category.

Check the CPU usage on round starts for the 27 players - it may be extremely high and causing the server to lag and then ease out as people die.

I assume you have the server affinity set to one core?
Actually I dont have it set to one core. Should it be? And should it be single core only or the single core with the hyperthread core as well?
srcds will run over 2 cores but it isn't optimized, so i don't really know if you will get any performance differences either way (i always run linux). Either way, 100tick 27player server would be quite demanding. My guess would be on round start the CPU is maxing out.
I may try dropping it to 66, which I had it on before but I think it did the same thing.
Dropped to 66 tick, same issue...

How do some of these server hosts do it? I see some of them with the same specs as mine with 2-4 18 player 100 tick servers on the same box. Is it because I have a VERY active server? Or because the server is a Glass map only server? I just don't understand why the performance is so low.

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