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Need help with my SRCDS! :)
Im a bit newbie, sorry to bother you all with this Toungue

My server's IP is 214:29:53:145
When I started it for the first time, the <IP>:<port> was: 214:29:53:145:69009
When I start it now, the port is: 214:29:53:145:14549

- First of all, why isn't that :27015? - In the Properties -> Target I have port 27015, and in the server.cfg I have port 27015 as well!

- Second, how can it be the port changed?

And then another thing. When I look for 214:29:53:145 at favorites, no server shows up. But when I fill in my internal IP, the server shows up. When I look at server info at my favorites, I get this:
Name: <name of my server>
IP adress: <internal IP>:27015
Map: <map currently playing>
Players: <players currently in server>
VAC: <Secure>
Latency: 1

I can only get my correct <IP>:<port> to give to my friends, by going to and search for the server name.

When I'm playing with my friends on the server, and I go to Steam -> Friends -> <Friendname> -> View Game Info

I get this: 214:29:53:145:14549 (The external IP and the weird port), and it says: 'Server is not responding.' While we are playing in it!
And when people look at my x-fire, there isn't server info.

I can use Rcon with the command: 'rcon_password password'
And when I type the command: 'rcon say hi' in console the console says 'hi', so that works.
But when my friend is typing this in console: 'rcon_password password', he gets an error.[/i]
But mani_admin_plugin does work for him...
How is that possible?

Do you have my answers -or tips..?
Thank you! Smile
Yes i think i can explain some of the answers, but i'll need a bit more information first.

First of all, in what network is your server placed? Where are you running it?
Because if you run it on a local network, you have to use the internal ip for yourself to connect, but the other people need the external ip.

The wierd ports are also shown when using passive ftp. It is to use a different port for the ease of the server.

Your friend will probably have to use rcon_address, then rcon_password and then it should work. However, it may require you to open up a few extra ports. Which one i'm afraid i don't know.
Also, what error does he get? there are dozens of different kids of errors all with a different solution.

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