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Internal, External and Statics. O NO!
Hello, this is a tutorial I made on the different connections and IP's (Please bare with me, this is my first tutorial Smile )

OK, before we start i just want to say there are 3 different types of IP's: Internal, External and Static.

This is how connections with srcds, you and other people.

[Hosting Computer] -I-N-T-E-R-N-A-L--I-P-> [Router] <--> [Server] <-E-X-T-E-R-N-A-L--I-P- [Clients' Computer]

Now, in my poorly made diagram you can see that for the computer that is hosting the server must use his/her internal IP to join the server, but any-other computer (NOT on the same IP as the

hosting computer) must use the external IP. You can find out your external IP here. Even if you give someone your internal IP, when they connect to it, they are

accaulty just connecting to the external.

For example: You can connect to your internal but your really just connecting to your external. Think of the internal IP as a "guide" to bring you to the external.

OK, now I have explained internals and externals as about much as I can, so lets move on to the *cough* Evil *cough* fun part! Static IP's.

Static IP's aren't something like externals you can just goto a website to see what it is (I WISH it was that easy!).

Now, goto the start button, then goto Run and a window with a dialog box will pop-up. In this dialog box type in "command" (without the "") then click "Run".

A black console window appears, and you want to type "ipconfig /all" (once again without the ""). Grab a sheet of paper to write down the following: Internal IP, Default Gateway, Subnet mask

and DNS/Name Server.

Now, goto Start > Control Panel and in the top left corner of the window there is something called "Switch to Classic View", click that then a bunch of icons will appear.

Find network connections and double-click it.

Now you see your different network connections, but how do you know which one is your internet connection?

Simply right click one and goto "disable" then try opening a web page. If it cannot open you've found your internet connection!

Right-click the icon you disabled and goto "enable" then right click it again and goto "Properties"

In the window that pops-up there will be a list of 4 things, and one of those things is Protocol TCP/IP.

Select the TCP/IP and then click on the "Properties" button, and then a window will pop-up with dialog boxes.

If the "Obtain IP automaticcaly" radio button is selected, then click on the "Use the following IP address" radio button.

Skip the internal IP dialog box for now, and then enter in the the subnet mask, default gateway and DNS/name Server that we wrote on paper earlier. (Put the DNS/name server in the Preferred

DNS server dialog)

Once you have done that click "OK".

Now we finally get our static IP (HOORAY!) go here ---> and then select your operating system.

Now scroll down all the way to the bottom and you should see 7 different dialog boxes. In the first dialog box enter your default gateway and in the second enter your internal IP.

Click on "Find Static IP Addresses" and then the other 5 dialog boxes will fill up with your Static IP's. Just use the first Static IP for now, and then use that IP as your internal IP in the TCP/IP

Protocol section.

Now you have your Static IP! You will need to use this Static IP from now on to access your srcds.

Have fun!

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