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Host_Error: IDLLFunctions::DLLInit returned false.
I can load srcds.exe, but when I try and start the server I get this message:

Host_Error: IDLLFunctions:Big GrinLLInit returned false.

I can't do any connections to steam as I am at QuakeCon 2007 and Steam block us. I am just trying to host a lan server. This error sucks! Can anyone help me?
I would also like help on this, I have anouther server (CSSRPG mod) and i have copied over all the files for anouther server (SRCDS1 -> SRCDS2). Basicly Cloned the server files etc. The first server runs perfect, im just having problems with the second.

I have now played around with the server (SRCDS2) to get rid of CSSRPG and add Warcraft 3. I have uninstalld ALL of the CSSRPG files and have installd Warcraft 3 fully (acoring to instructions). When i try to start the server, like i do with the first server (using: C:\srcds2\srcds.exe -console -debug -game cstrike +maxplayers 14 +map de_dust2) It comes up with the error!

The console stops loading and the error comes up in a pop up, when i click ok, the console closes and thts it.

I am hoping i will not need to start from scratch but i will if i need to Sad

Game : Counter-Stike : Source
Mod: (Trying to use) Warcraft 3

If you need more information i will provide the best i can


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