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Server crashing many times daily
Hello !

We have a Windows dedicated server and we don't know why, it crashes several times each day! It becomes very annoying.

We have received the following error message but we don't know how to fix it.

Does anybody have the same problem? Could you please help me to solve it?

Many thanks,
If you are running a plugin (MANI Mod or similar) it can crash the server, i have also seen a server crash when running bots and a map changes but i have never had a crash where a plugin is not used and bots are not used.

Try a complete re-install of source and start from a plain install.

Windows 2003 is usually very stable and source is pretty rock solid on its own.



Si vous courez un plugin (mod de MANI ou semblable) il pouvez se briser le serveur, j'ai également vu un serveur se briser en courant des bots et une carte change mais je n'ai jamais eu un accident où un plugin n'est pas employé et des bots ne sont pas employés.

Essayez un complet réinstallent de la source et commencent à partir d'une plaine installent.

Windows 2003 est habituellement très stable et la source est joli solide de roche seule.

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Dear Stealth,

Thank you very much for your prompt answer.

Many servers are using Mani Admin Mod but they don't crash all Wink

For information, we have already tried desactivate the plugin --> no change

Our server is windows 2003 so nice to know it is stable.

Concerning the bot, we can't find how to proceed to desactivate them. Can you help me please?

Many thanks,
i, as well as a few others (over in the Steam forums) have been experiencing the same exact thing. you are also getting a windows C++ runtime error in addition to the console errors in your pic, yes?

my thread here...

another thread over at Steam...

this has happened since the update. prior to this, it ran fine. no mods or anything being run. first i tried verify_all, which said everything is up to date. then tried deleting the whole directory and starting from scratch, and the same problems have been occurring.

running win2k adv server, by the way.

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