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Just an idea..!
Hi Playaz,
guys how about creating a small program like Counter-Strike Evolution Source 4.3.1 DE - but in english Big Grin and add more options on it .. like .. save changes .. save profile .. save project ... open and edit it again ..

Counter-Strike Evolution Source 4.3.1 DE - is a program that helps u create css server .... GUI program u choose everything and it creates everything on the "srcds directory" and u juz run the server ! and its german ...... =]


And u can add option like .. hmm .. choosing your connection speed then they change the settings to be best for ur connections .. things ;p like dat .. !! makes it easier .. better .. and editable
Lazy people tbh :p

Get linux and be a man!
LOL !! i never tried linux before ! how does it look like XD ?

nvm .. Toungue this will help everyone .. even the one who will create it Toungue

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