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Help me Figure this out plz
I just upgraded my internet and memory for the computer running the server.

Download: 8 mbps
Upload: 800 kbps
Memory: 768mb
Cpu: 1.70GHZ

It started out before i upgraded only being able to hold 6 players with 512kbps upload and 256mb of memory.

Now it can hold 10 players without lag.Any higher and it will start lagging really bad.

I was expecting it to be able to have more players then that?

What could be causeing it to lag when it has 12 players?
Could it be the server rates are not correct?
I was hopeing for 15 to 18 slots.


same problem but with 6 people :s
It's all about rates.

This guide explains a little about rates:

Keep lowering your rate settings until you can get more people on without lagging.
Hmm :s

Could some one please tell me the rates i should have for a 16 palyer server?

I tried different ones and got high choke then others gave lag. Sad

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