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Router Things ...=] need some info
Hello ,

User <d4f> told me wireless routers are bad for hosting CSS servers, and that's true right ?

is there is any way to make it juz like the normal DSL modem ? i have linksys router ..

hmmm .. if i connect my computer with a ethernet cable with the router .. issit gonna be like the normal modem ?


Wireless isn't necessarily THAT bad. It all depends on the amount of wireless traffic in your area, the wireless strength, the wireless speed, the wireless router you have, the solar eclipse..

It is stressed NOT to use wireless for hosting a game server as packets can easily go astray and be lost which is a no no. If you use a wired connection into your router, you will have a much more stable and reliable connection to host a server on.
Oh thx alot muppet Big Grin

hmmm one more question .. i have a PC with 3.00ghz and a 640 ram, 40 gb hd ... and i will put a 1mb dsl soon ... how many slots will the server hold =] ??
Do you know what your upload speed would be?

Theres a rough estimate table on this link (near the top):
My 20 slot server uses about 1mbit, so think you should be able to run a 18-20 slot. Providing that 1mbit is upload and that your isp gives you good latency.
Thxx muppet .
Thxx Jesper .

Yeah my friend using 1mb hostin 16 slots server he said he can make it 20 but 16 to prevent lag.

=] thanks ... but my question is .. does the Performance of the computer effect the server .. ? =]
Not your pc, those specs seem fine as long as you aren't hosting and playing at the same time.

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