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Need major help with the srcds tool from STEAM
Before you read on, please note that I got the SRCDS from Steam, because it seemed simpler. I am trying to install the Mani Mod as I type this, because it is not working. I don't think any of the mods work with this version of the server, which makes this question: Do I need to minimize my game EVERY time i need to make a change? rcon doesn't seem to work either, I set the password to abc and then typed in the in-game console rcon_password abc, and it said something with an error in it, I forgot (lol). I am really confused, and if anybody else has any more info on server configuration, and can tell me, please do.SmileShy
Technically it wouldn't be srcds if you downloaded the Dedicated server from Steam. I remember reading somewhere that Mani Admin doesn't work with the Steam version of Source Dedicated Server.

What exactly is the error when you type in the rcon_password?
Darn, just typed out a massive mesage and then the server went down...

Anyway, I'll make this in short to avoid getting annoyed again. There wasn't an error. Just nothing happened. BUT if I typed in rcon ALONE it would say Cannot Connect To Remote Server (

I found the adminlist.txt missing, so my friend sent me his about 10 minutes ago. I made my own adminlist.txt but it never worked, just as I thought.
add -ip <internal ip> -port 27015 to your command line


when trying to rcon, first type rcon_address <server address> (if on same pc, use internal IP here), then your rcon_password then whatever commands you want to do.

If you are using Mani Admin v1.2 Beta version, these use a client.txt instead of adminlist.txt.

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