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Some Questions .. Need help pls.
Hello everyone ,

I need some help with SRCDS.

I have 512kb/s DSL. and i created a server {8players} and when i get about 4 players they lag ... latency about 140 ..

can u tell me how to make it faster pls ?
My Computer : 2.00 GHz , 752 RAM .. Actually its a laptop .. im juz running the server and not playin on it ..

i asked someone .. he had 16 Players server
and he was using a 1mb/s internet connection .. without lag !

2nd question ..

how to use the Rcon ? i created an rcon pass and when i use on the other computer rcon_password {pass} .... then do anything like rcon ma_say hello ! ... it says cannot connect to [[What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image]]


and thanks Big Grin
You probably only have 512kb/s downstream, but a lower upstream.
Furthermore your server needs a certain bandwith to handle the incoming packages, your's probably mway too low.

2nd answer:
Your server seems no to allow external connections... perhaps you should change the incoming traffic in your router accordingly.
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1 - yeah i know but my friend is using the same Company .. ISP .. 1mb 16 players server
and im usin 512kb 8 players and laggin .. how about the maxrate and blah blah blah ?


2- .. emm .. are there any ports i should open !?
You should definitively open the gameserver port (standart: 27015) and the master server ports (optional)
If people connect through a UPnP-connection, this may already lag as routers are designed for average-sized streams of data but not FAST streams.

Set the max_rates as low as possible, the tickrate to 33 and try using a router-monitor or system-monitor to verify the load on your broadband.

If you are setting up a listening server or connect to your own server locally (same computer) this may already cause lags, as you should never run a server and a client on the same machine.
Q: What would an omnipotent computer to?
A: Get rid of humanity!
Thx for everything .. Big Grin max rate as low as possible ? i made it 3000 ... issit good ?


and about the last 2 lines ... i dun run on the same computer .. this computer for the server .. the other one for playing ..
when i write rcon_password on the other computer nothing happens ... and i cant do anything .. it says it cannot connect. . hmm anything i should do i control my server from another machines ?
In your server command startup line add:

-ip <internal ip> -port 27015

or for a simplier workaround, type:

rcon_address <internal ip>; rcon_password abc

However, you would need to do that each time you connect, so you could just bind it to a key.
Oh .. Thanks Alot MUPPET .. and how about the LAG problem =] ?
It's all about finding the corrects rates for your connection.

You said you made it rate 3000? Was it still lagging with that?
emmm yeah .. like when 3 ppl join ... one will be 40 - 50 ms others 140 120 ;x
Well if one person is 40-50 and others are 140 and 120, you're server isn't lagging, its them.

Only when everyones pings start becoming really crap, like 150+ then its the server. When the server runs out of bandwidth, you'll notice.
I see =] .. thx alot bro .. =]

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