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Server is not responding. HELP ME please !
I am really annoyed and frustrated but a few years ago i could run a source dedicated server easily and now i can run it fine its on the network but to everyone else the server is said to be not responding. im sure someone else in this fourum has the same problem ! if anyone has any tips or links please let me know thanks ! please get back to me.
And i tried all the sv_lan 0 and still nobody can join my server !
im begging someone please help me !!!
As usual, check all the necessary ports are open and forwarded to the correct LAN IP. Also make sure you don't have any firewalls (software/hardware ones) blocking people from connecting.

Forum search provides plenty of threads about opening ports.
Oh !! ur juz like me write ? using a wireless router ? ... well... go to choose ur router then C - Counter Strike Source ... Learn about the ports u should open and the Static IP .. =] !! Then ur server will be on !

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