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Slow Map Loads
Alright so I got a 40 man from

It's running zombie mod and all the other root plugins that most servers have (mani, events, etc.). The server runs fine, even when full we don't get any cpu-based lag. The problem is with changing the maps. It takes anywhere between 10-60 seconds for it to pass the "Server is changing level" part of the loading screen. It seems to take forever to change, and I usually lose 10-15 clients during the process.

I have a support ticket in there that has almost 100 replies to it as their techs and I go back and forth trying to find the issue. They are certain it's due to the plugins on the server, but I know it's not. My configs and stuff are identical to the ones I've run at several other hosts, and I've become pretty good at optimizing the mods so they run their best on the machine. I don't want to leave AoWC because the server's performance is great. It's hard finding a shared GSP that can handle a 40 man zombie w/out lag.

It's a windows server.

Does anybody have any clues to why this is happening?

I find this is normally caused when the CPU is under heavy stress or the Hard disk I/O is extremely large.
Alright, thanks. I'll talk to the GSP about it.

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