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hi, i have some music mod on my servers, where ppl type music, and my music comes up, that i upload to a website, but they complain it laggs, but i however dont experience it, is tehre another nice lag free one, or how do i fix mine that lags?
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
I assume it lags because of the streaming of music uses up most of their bandwidth (still shouldn't really affect it that much though). However, you could limit the max. transfers rate using mod_throttle or mod_bandwidth and .htaccess file under the dir where your music is located.

Quote: How about mod_bandwidth?

Pretty good module... installed the RPM the otherday on my RH7.2 box. My httpd.conf file apparently was set to already look for the module and loads it if it's available.

After that it's as easy as making sure the /tmp/apachebw directories exist and then add a few lines to the .htaccess file of the directory you want to limit bandwidth to.

Example .htaccess:

BandWidthModule On
BandWidth all 20480

In this example it will limit whatever is in that directory and all directories below it to about 20Kb. Two people start downloading and they each get 10Kb, three people.... about 6.6Kb each. You do the rest of the math Smile There are a bunch of other options you can do, like set minimums and maximum transfer rates and different rates based on hostname.

Only problem with this idea is that you need access to the root account on the server - which i assume you are a shared hosting customer and dont - then you would need your server host to do this for you, which they may just refuse to do.

Apart from this method, i don't know or any other way to limit transfer speeds that would work good without requiring root access.
i host all my music on my website, and have a web shortcut to it, so when ur ingame, u type music, and the list comes up, and u click a song, and it plays untill you type stop. however i never experience the lag, but others do.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
I know, but i'm talking about transfer speeds affecting peoples connections when streaming the music. According to your sig you are on 22mb down and 1.5mb up. With those speeds you wouldn't really notice any problem, but people with lesser speeds may.

I can only assume the streaming maxes out their download speed and causes slightly elevated pings.

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