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nobody can join my server!! :(

first of all, sorry for my bad english.

here is the problem: nobody can view (and join) my server!! just me can see and play on it...
i host the server on my personnal computer on windows, and i play CS:Source on the SAME computer. so server and client are on the same machine.
i read a lot of thing here and on google, tried a lot of configurations, i didn't succeed. Sad
i tried sv_lan 0, all the necessary ports are open and correctly forwarded, etc.

here is my srcds commad:
"srcds -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +map de_dust2

i have a router and i access to the internet on wifi. so my wlan adress is, the mask is, the passerel is

i have dynamic ip, so i suscribed an account on so i dont provide my ip to my friends but the following adresse --> (it is the server adress). as soon as my ip changes, the dns is updated so the still works. nice thing. no need to get a static ip.

i tried this too:
"srcds -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +map de_dust2 -port 27016
--> ok but others cannot see my server

i also tried:
"srcds -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +map de_dust2 +ip
--> i get an error: "cannot allocate UDP port on server blablabla"

etc etc

please help me, i searched and seached and searche a lot lot lot, i didnt resolve my problem, i'm gonna became mad. :/

many thank guys, im very sad Sad
whats the @pause for
#3 <-- read more about the static IP
Also, don't use hostnames in the -ip clause, use your internal IP address there.

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