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source ded. ser. install problems HELP
i have a basic install of server 2003 and am following the directions form main site (commands to create account, update game & download files). However when i run them it updates to hl1. Here is what i have done so far.

Installed hlserver4110.exe
installed csv15full.exe
ran HLDSupdate_tool (which created hldsupdatetool in c:\srcds

ran this command (with my account and pass)

c:\srcds\hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds -username killer123 -password moomoo -remember_password

i get an error saying that "Source" not recognized
then no install record found in c:\srcds

********what im i doing wrong********
Installed hlserver4110.exe
installed csv15full.exe
I think these two steps are not required and possibly going to harm your install attempts.
If i follow the install instructions i get this error

"WARNING: unrecognized parameter 'Source'"

and i get hl1 files
Get rid of everything you've done so far and start with a fresh download of hlds_update.exe, - make sure its fresh as using the old version is only going to give you a headache.

Let it extract itself to a folder of your choosing that is currently empty, for exampkle C:\srcds\

*Do not* download or manually add anything else to this folder.

You have created an account purely for the servers use? In that case next follow with start/run/cmd [enter] to get a nice command line
cd \srcds
this should show the only file in the folder is hldsupdate.exe
HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . -username <usename> -password <password> -remember_password
note the syntax has changed slightly in the last revision of hldsupdate

Run that line again after it has completed, and again until it reports that everything i up to date
Ok i have removed everything and its mom back to simple os install.

I downloaded hlds_updatetool.exe from steams website and ran the wizard i pointed it to c:\srcds directory and it installed these files


I then went to command prompt and changed directory to c:\srcds and ran the update command and got this result. (i copied and paste the cammand and changed user and pass.)

Also the
-dir .
-dir c:\srcds

now it seems to be installing however there is a line that bothers me

no installation record found in c:\srcds

it then starts to install hl2 files

Is this normal?
Yep that's fine. Later on, when you come to update the server hldsupdatetool checks for the install record to see if you already have the current version or if it needs to download new files.

The fact that it isn't finding the installation record during your first download is correct so don't worry. The download will probably take you a few hours (unless you got a really fast connection).
Thanks to EagleC and PhatBot this is now working, On to configuration.


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