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Individual map settings
hey i need to know how to make individual settings for each map. for example a surf map. i want to be able to switch from say dust2 to surf and have everything configured in surf such as gravity. same goes for scoutsnknives. anyone know how this is done? i appreciate your help =)
ok ok so i found out how to do that but now i want to know if there are any places i can get like "official configs" cause im not so sure what to make all the settings. or if someone could give me their scoutzknivez cfg and a surf cfg. thatd be great.
If you have mani just make a new file called scoutzknivez.cfg and add the lines you need executed in there.
He's asking about what settings, not how to do it Wink

The only setting changed for surf i believe is:

sv_airaccelerate 100/1000/10000

Try it and choose what setting you like best.

Scoutknivez should be fine with normal settings.

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