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Sn4k3 Zombie Mod V2.0 (SZM) Is Out!!
best zombie mod i have played!!!! a version v2.1 cames soon with prop spawn !!!!

A Server Test running v2.0: |OCS| NEW! SZM 2.0 Zombiemod

any suggestion for szm/server say !!!

szm can be played Humans CTs VS Humans Ts
szm can be played with bots too

Infection Mod Too and very very other mods!

Full Theard:


v2.0 [11/07/07]

- add about 80% szm code rewrited
- add performance
- add new admin menus
- add new models menus
- add allow you add your own zombie/humans models (cfg/szm/szm_models.cfg)
- add kill hidden type (rocket effect or kill as normal kill)
- add hidden zombie health (allow choose hidden health)
- add hidden zombie speed (allow choose hidden Speed)
- add a unique database for szm temp data (sqlitedb)
- add some HudHit mensages
- add a TopText Msg for hidden
- add zombies emit sounds mod (cfg/szm/szm_sounds.cfg)
- add you can add your own zombie die/hurt/attack sounds (cfg/szm/szm_sounds.cfg)
- add you can add your own crazy zombies mod mensages easy (cfg/szm/szm_crazy_zombies_mod.cfg)
- add szmaspawn all
- add szmaspawn [player]
- add improvent on stats
- add improvement on see other players stats
- add you can add your own downloads (for models !!!)
- add you can now choose H.E. grenades fire time (szm_fire_grenades_burn_time)
- add szm zombies regen health code completly rewrited
- add some crazy zombies mod cvars
- add rewrite JetPack Mod (improvement)
- add szm/szm_database script
- add szm/szm_cmds script
- add performance on count players
- add performance on hidden
- add kill players with rocket give you stats
- add new szm rcon commands
- add when max level in crazy zombies mod is archived map can change or reset zombie levels
- add new models to szm default models
- add Bones Zombie
- add UnDead Zombie
- add MotherCrap Zombie
- add Chainsaw Zombie
- add new sky
- add new sounds to szm default sounds
- add new EST and ES requirement
- add szmstats as a hidden say command
- add szmaspawn as a hidden say command
- add better performance in loops and repeats
- add increase szm execute speed

- fixed very bugs
- fixed crashs
- fixed zombie recovery health mod
- fixed infection mod
- fixed on kill hidden zombies can spawn or teleport
- fixed attrat mod
- fixed power jump
- fixed HE grenades resuply
- fixed other bugs
- fixed hidden bugs
- fixed all client commands protection
- fixed some stats not count
- fixed stats menu
- fixed bad game play
- fixed some lag
- fixed some breaks
- fixed bots adds/removes
- fixed all bugs from a bad player count

- removed szm_crazy_zombies_mod_type 2
- removed very szm lines code
- removed very ifs
- removed cfg/szm/szm_crazy_zombies_mod folder and files
- removed some keygroups
- removed all keys
- removed very szm cvars
- removed zombies/humans taken heads stats
- removed alias
- removed sky download/files
- removed some crazy zombies mod and zombies regen cvars
- removed all cvars about szmv1.9.1- models
- removed file cfg/szm/szm_models_info.cfg
- removed some hidden mensages

- rename 2 szm files (mods to szm_mods | models to szm_models)

- changed some commands
- changed attract mod sound volume from 1.0 to 0.5

- move zombie ambient sound to zombiemod folder

- converted szm to ES v1.5
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