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Alright been going crazy all day, need some help with my BEFSR81 router!
Hi guys, I'm new here...I'd like to start by saying what a great resource this is! Anyways, I'm having alittle problem setting up my server/router.

Some background info:
I've set up countless servers, plenty of them CS:S. Anyways, I've been trying for the past five hours to get this damn server working.

Problem: Can be seen in LAN, not on the server list or if you add it to your favorites. Works fine if connected directly to modem.

Let's see...all my ports are forwarded correctly router wise and firewall wise. Machine is a Windows VISTA dual core, 2gig ram, ect. I have a linksys BEFSR81 with the latest firmware.

27000-27015 UDP TCP
27020-27039 UDP TCP
1200 UDP TCP

Command Line: "C:\CSS Server\CSS\srcds.exe" -console -game cstrike +map cs_office +maxplayers 12 +ip -port 27015 (Tried with and without the port/ip)
I have the same setup running at my house ...different linksys router but it works flawless....I'm at a loss!

Has anyone configured the linksys BEFSR81 and got it working? Ahh I don't know what to do!

EDIT: Also, I forwarded some ports for RDC and it works fine...what gives!
Update: I Have it currently hooked up like this :

To my surprise it works? BUT I can't see the network...but the server shows up. So I'm guessing this router is garbage and port forwarding does not work correctly? Anyone have the BEFSR41/BEFSR81 and have port forwarding working? <Pulls hair out>
I saw that page before I posted this thread...I have another routed forwarded just fine (older linksys)...but this one is giving me trouble.
i ahve a befsr41 and i have lots of probs with the serverlist but apparently other people can see it on the list just not me.
First of all remove the "+ip", your modem gets set that number not your computer. Actually the 192.168.1.* indicates that your setting the server with a internal network ip which is probably why no one outside can access it! There is probably nothing wrong with the linksys BEFSR81, but when you join a game, search for the server in the internet list first.

Otherwise the other reason you can't see it in the internet list is because the router is blocking the way your trying to connect to it.

PC > ROUTER > MODEM > MODEM (Looped back to its internet ip which causes problems) > ROUTER > SERVER

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