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VAC problem in a Windows 2003 Server
Hi Dudes,

i´m trying run a DS in a MS Windows 2003 Server but, although i use sv_secure "1", my server is listed as a not secure server.

If i use the same install (i copy the directory) in a Windows XP, server is listed as a secure server.

(I open same ports in the firewall to the two computers)

Where it is my error?
I've not experienced the same problem on server 2003. Try agging sv_secure 1 to your command line.

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srcds, but default, run in "secure" mode. So theres no need to add anything to the command line or server.cfg.

The only way the server will turn insecure is if VAC is down at the time you start your server (or can't make a connection to it - probably because of closed ports or firewall blocking access) or aif you add -insecure to the command line.

However, more to your problem, i've heard a while back people having similar problems with HLDS - they were using Windows 2003 Server with SP1 - when they did a fresh install, worked fine (without SP1).
VAC stoped working for me as well. I caused it myself by chosing "LAN" instead of "Internet" in the dropdown when starting the server. Internet users still could connect so I didn't realize what I've done.

I'm sure you didn't do a simple misstake like me but write this in case someone else does...


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