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X-fire server query ports and the rest
may as well merge them all into one "helpme" instead Big Grin

I read somewhere the port to enable to allow x-fire to show full info on a server was 29900 - i DMZd the router to the relevant machine on my network and allowed the the specified port for x-fire queries on the machine's firewall,  but still getting the "Server is not responding to information query." msg from x-fire.  Same result when i turn of the firewall on that machine too.  Funny thing is i'm sure x-fire was listing it properly a few days back... (prior to that last major x-fire update)

I never use the Function keys for purchasing but one of the admins says it's bloody annoying not being able to hit f2 for rebuy.  Anyone know how F2 would change from rebuy to buy nades.  I've searched all cfgs and script txt files and can't find any reference to changing the F2 key - and surely all keybindings are clientside only...

Latest thing i've noticed is that when bots are on the in game browser shows the remaining slots as the total slots on the server.  So 20 player limit with 8 bots on shows as 0/12 in the browser.  Changing them from fill mode to normal made no difference...  

Anyone find a way of getting srcds to allow players to connect through multiple gateways I'd love to know - we've tried it and even though you can find and connect on the secondary ip it seems all packets get routed through the primary one anyways...

The game's up at or

needs a stress test too, not had more than 4 players on it so far and i'd like to know what it should be limited to.

(lol - just used All Seeing Eye and it's happy to report the correct player limit and list the bots and players...)

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