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Datatable warnings

I run a surf server and since the maps are usually quite poorly written, I get a large amount of warnings showing up in the console. This isn't a problem (nothing bad comes of it, and it's kind of to be expected), except that it causes me great frustration when trying to use the console when players are active. I can't type anything without what I just wrote shooting off the screen because of hundreds of warnings.

Basically I want to know if there's a way of disabling their output. I found the variable dtwarning, and thought setting that to 0 would fix the problem, but it seems to do nothing Sad

Any thoughts?
Quote:con_drawnotify : 1 : : Disables drawing of notification area (for taking screenshots).
con_enable : 0 : , "a" : Allows the console to be activated.
con_filter_enable : 0 : : Turns on console filtering. Filters console output based on the setting of con_filter_text.
con_filter_text : 0 : : Text with which to filter console spew. Set con_filter_enable 1 to activate.
con_notifytime : 8 : : How long to display recent console text to the upper part of the game window
con_nprint_bgalpha : 50 : : Con_NPrint background alpha.
con_nprint_bgborder : 5 : : Con_NPrint border size.

Never tried theses commands so i don't know if they work for srcds -console or ingame console.
Thanks for the reply,

I tried those commands but they weren't recognised - must be for the in-game console only =[
Thanks for the help though.

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