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Performance issue.
Iam running an dedicated server on the following hardware.

AMD 2600+
1 GB ram
10Mbit Full duplex connection.

Distro info:
Debian 4
2.6.18-cks1 @1000hz

My plan was to run a 20 player Gunggame CSS but i dont know if my hardware will be enough or if iam using a badly configured config, cause the server starts to lag terrible after 16 players.

At 20 players the CPU Peaks 85% Load (using top), so, that should not be the trouble.

Commandline look like this
./srcds_run -console -game cstrike -port 27015 -tickrate 66 +map gg_finalarena_cq-l +maxplayers 21 -autoupdate +fps_max 600

Is the processor to weak or what could be the trouble. Choke starts rising already at 12-14 players.

Any suggestions?
Even at 85% load, i would still say the cause is the CPU.

srcds linux is exactly the best as value doesn't really optimise it, so you will notice depreciating performance with each update, especially on lower spec servers (lower spec CPUs) sadly.

I run a 100tick match server on a slightly lower spec machine and have troubles with 10 players @ 100tick - cpu usage through top with 10 players is roughly the same as you have mentioned above or more.
What values could i change to ease the load on CPU? Tickrate and more? If i run the server at 66 then the load should not be this hard, or am i wrong?
You're right. You could try -tickrate 50, compare the load against -tickrate 66.

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