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motd image no display
I'm having difficulties with my motd.txt and getting pretty mad right now XD.

this is what's in my motd.txt

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="white">
<center><img width="700" height="350" border="0" src=""></center>

but the problem is when I enter the server it doesn't show the picture it only gives a red cross that the picture could not be displayed.
but the url is right so what can I change to make it work?

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Try uploading the image where the motd.txt is and change the URL to suit. If its a linux server, i assume the problem is with permissions (having the image next to the file is a lot easier and less hassle).
never mind I just changed some minor something that made the diffrence or it was the " or it was this / I have put the / next to the > so now my img src will end like /xu.jpg" />
and now it displays the awesome imageBig Grin
thanks for your timeSmile
Hmmm, thought that wouldnt matter since you didnt refer the doctype as xhtml :/

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