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Mani Admin Help.
I have a ded server that im running..just barely i've ran dedicated servers before, almost a year ago...i have mani admin installed..but i can't access any of the commands on the menu...i press on...example fun player management..and i hear a click and the menu dissapears..this is the command it says in the console as i do this

FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: cmd

Please could i have some assistance..Thank you
In recent updates valve have taken away the ability to run commands on the client (cl_restrict_server_commands). There is currently no way with Mani Admin to bypass this nor will any update be released anytime soon - if any.
So ther is no way that i could fix this problem? How come other servers can run mani admin...and there menu's work?
Try running Mani Admin using MetaMod: Source.

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