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This is a sad day for mani-admin users
Sorry guys if Im the first to tell you, but mani has taken a leave of abbsence
and there is no telling that he will make any more updates to the plugin but If anyone is intrested in teaching me how to make a similare plugin cause what i hear is that thay are making plugins for s:mm but i dont like the idea of that. So plz if anyone has any clue on making plugings plz repost to this cause I dont know what a lot people would do with out mani, or one just like it. I am willing to stay up for weeks even months cause i have nothing but time to learn and make the plugin.Sad
Mani's been inactive for a month / months..

He moved on to deal with personal issues while the other guys implemented more and more mani admin features into SourceMod for use in MetaMod: Source.

You'd best go to SourceMod/ and ask around there. SourceMod is the best way to code plugins atm and will be for the for-seeable future.
you can also use beetlesmod

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