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Getting friends to join via CMD?
Okay not sure if i read correctly but in some of the threads it tells of people only being able to join a server via CMD? How would i get a friend to join via CMD, if they cant join in the server list on steam?
They open the console (hit ~), if they can't open the console they have to go to options -> keyboard -> advanced -> enable developer console. Then they have to type "connect; password ***". If there is no password leave out the ";password ***", otherwise you just need to fill in your information. The 0's should be your ip address, replace 27015 with the port you run your server on (27015 is the default, so if you never messed with the port you don't need to change this, technically you don't even need the ":27015" if you're using the default port) and hit enter.
okay, iv done all port forwarding... set my server up and STILL NO ONE CAN CONNECT!
any ideas? im gettin seriously fustrated.
i have a safecom 4114 router and all my ports have been forward to the correct places. when people connect it says "server not responding" yet i can still join it from my LAN section?
It sounds just like a router problem. Make sure "SV_LAN" is set to "0" firstly and then be sure your router has all the ports forwarded correctly and that the exe has -port XXXXX in it just to be sure. There are quite a few ports to be forwarded so I would double check, triple check it.

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