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HLStats installing problem
I'm sorry writing here, forum is closed, and IRC channel they provided always empty Sad
I've installed PHP last version, ActivePerl last version (free), MySQL last version did all by instruction, and when i try to connect page hlstats.php to set admin rights, all i get is list with buttons and no info, nothing more, no errors, no problems!! when i press admin to log in as admin, nothing changes, when i press other buttons too, seems like hlstats.php?mode="..." doesn't give any sence. Can't find anything like this in FAQ, anywhere Sad(
Everything is last version
P.S. I'm using IIS (windows XP)
After pc restart now i get only white blanked page on hlstats.php, my main server page works, i tried to reinstall php and repair it, but no resultSad
enable error_reporting in your php.ini file
I've installed older version of php and now it works, thanks for help.

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