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installing meta mod for zombie mod
Well, I have been running a server off of my computer using the standalone version of SRCDS and I am also aloud to join this server while I am running it. I have mani admin on this server which works great . Me and two friends that live around me decieded to make it a zombie server which I love but we can't get metamod to work. As of right now I have no metamod on my server at all. Before I downloaded Metamod_mm sourcemm-r409-20070618. I made a folder like this cstrike/addons/(here is where I made the folder) metamod/bin/server.dll(this is the only thing that came with sourcemm-r409-20070618.) Then I backed out of the bin and created a file named metaplugins.ini. I started my SRCDS and I typed meta list into the console but got unknown command? What does this mean? Is there more I have to download to get metamod to work? Did I download the wrong verson of Metamod? I am trying to use Zombiemod with metamod for CSS. I didn't add the line in metaplugins.ini yet to get the zombiemod working because I want to know if meta works first. Even if I don't have zombie mod on the server and want to install just metamod for another time, shouldn't I be able to type meta into my console and get some kind of shit other then unknown command??? Thanks a lot you guys I tried to explain my problem with great detail....

Is there something I have to do to mani-admin plugin???
I got it Smile

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