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After some searching about i found that until the new version of SRCDS comes out we will be stuck with a SRCDS that doesnt cope well with multicore processors. Not a problem really, I set the affinities of the SRCDSs to seperate cores and its all good. Only problem is when they reestart they loose that affinity. No prob tho, I found a tool called IMAGECFG (harks back to WIN2000) that permanently assigns the program to a cpu on startup. So it seems to work now but unfortunately the task manager is telling me that the programs are infact still using both CPUs. After watching the CPUs whilst I changed map i noticed that they were doing exactly what they should be doing as a result of IMAGECFGs tinkering but I was wondering whether the task manager telling me the contrary was normal and if not is it a problem? I'm sure someone out there knows.
Actually I just read the thread about "start /affinity 1..." so I am sorted.  

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