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YASU - Yet Another Steam Update
Steam source engine for dedicated servers was released today, be sure to update yur servers
Quote:# Fixed screenshots/save games being saved in the wrong place
# Fixed hang in rcon server
# Fixed server crash where banned players could retry/cancel quickly during connection
# Fixed crash when a user specifies a heapsize that is too large
# Fixed "play" command crashing on dedicated servers
# Fixed bspzip'd assets in maps not loading properly
# Added FCVAR_CHEAT to r_shadowids
# HLTV port/server can be completely disabled by command line parameter "-nohltv"

On another note, VAC2 SHOULD be released soon. So valve claims Toungue
[Image: userbar_wow.jpg]
starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
Will that update be done automatically if you are using steamautoupdate?
yes, mine did
after a server restart that is
Has lots of info onupdate

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