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HELP! Server shutting down when I join!!
Hey guys.... i was creating a server on my junky laptop and i would test it and everything to make sure it worked good, but then after i had everything all done and my server was perfect and ready to go, I downloaded everything onto an external hard drive, then put it on my new computer that I got! BUT when I start the server, it works just fine, and when I join it (because I still have it on LAN) it downloads the maps, skins everything, but when it says "Sending Client Info..." The server stops and tries shutting itself down!!! I don't know why it does this but could anyone tell me why!!! Oh and another thing is that my old junky laptop has a diffrent Windows then my new computer which has Vista!

Does it give a reason why its shutting down? Normally it would say in the console where you run the server the problem.

If not, add -debug to the command line and try to make the server crash/stop again and post back the findings.
Ok... I added -debug into te command line but where would I find the log tat it made?

Because when it trys to shut down, it says "SOURCE DEDICATED SERVER has stopped working! Would you like windows to search for the problem?" and when I click "Yes" I can't remember what it said but it didn't come up with the solution!!

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