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Getting Server to Restart on Crash
Maybe this is a dumb question, but I've looked around a bit, and can't seem to find much to anything about it.

How do you have a dedicated server restart on crash?
I've used the batch script on the main page, but that is pretty useless, seeing as almost every crash involves a popup error of some sort...
("Please do note this does not work with crashes/errors that involve a Windows error box.")

I've gone into registry editor and disabled windows crash reporting, to get rid of one of the two inevitable popups on crash, but is there any way to disable the hl2.exe errors?

I am attempting on running a Garry's Mod dedicated server on my old windows XP desktop computer. Don't mind the specs, they suck.. And this is Garry's Mod multiplayer, so I expect a crash at least once an hour...

Thanks, the help is greatly appreciated.
I use ServerChecker to run My server. Works great.

Made this a while ago, sounds like you are having the problems I had with it. You also need to run the restart script you mentioned. What i have given you a link to will only get rid of the popup and then the other script will restart it.

You might also want to take a look at very useful if you want to update your windows servers automatically. If any of those help please leave comments in the respective threads.


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