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[Help]Problems with installing eventscripts, strange one.
Everything was fine and great, but i had to install SourceMM (Metamod) and since it evreything works (ES_Tools, MetaMod, Mani's Admin) BUT Eventscript even doesn't load and doesn't show any error. It seems that server doesn't want even to try loading it, in the install FAQ and wiki i couldn't find any manual command which will force server to load script. I think it happened becouse i was forced to change gameinfo.txt so that metamod works, but how can i make them work together??
Yes i have in autoexec.cfg
Quote:mattie_eventscripts 1
eventscripts_subdirectory events
I'd recommend to verify that everything is right where it should be:

The directory "C:\SRCDS\cstrike\addons" should contain these files:

This file "mattie_eventscripts.vdf" should look like this:
        "file"  "../cstrike/addons/mattie_eventscripts"

Also you need some es_load commands in the autoexec.cfg

If everything is in place, I'd try re-installing the files and make sure there's not a 'mattie_eventscripts 0' in one of the other cfg's.

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