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BeetleFart's Minimum Admin mod for CS:Source

Quote:1 Highest access-level. Allows these commands, plus those in Levels 2 and 3:

admin_execclient (@execclient)
admin_password (@password)
admin_rcon (@rcon)

2 Medium access-level. Allows these commands, plus those in Level 3:

admin_alltalk (@alltalk)
admin_ban (@ban)
admin_banip (@banip)
admin_cancelvote (@cancelvote)
admin_changeteam (@changeteam)
admin_dropbomb (@dropBomb)
admin_fart (@fart)
admin_fartall (@fartall)
admin_fartct (@fartct)
admin_fartt (@fartt)
admin_ff (@ff)
admin_gravity (@gravity)
admin_mute (@mute)
admin_relieve (@relieve)
admin_relieveall (@relieveall)
admin_restart (@restart)
admin_showip (@showip)
admin_showips (@showips)
admin_timelimit (@timelimit)

3 Least access-level. Allows only these commands:

admin_banmenu (@banmenu)
admin_banipmenu (@banipmenu)
admin_cancelvote (@cancelvote)
admin_chat (@chat)
admin_fartmenu (@fartmenu)
admin_help (@help)
admin_kick (@kick)
admin_kickmenu (@kickmenu)
admin_list (@list)
admin_map (@map or @changelevel)
admin_menu (@menu)
admin_nextmap (@nextmap)
admin_playsound (@playsound)
admin_psay (@psay)
admin_restmenu (@restmenu)
admin_say (@say)
admin_slay (@slay)
admin_slaymenu (@slaymenu)
admin_tsay (@tsay)
admin_startmatch (@startmatch)
admin_votekick (@votekick)
admin_votemap (@votemap)
admin_votemaps (@votemaps)

4 Reserved-slot, no-kick access-level.
Allows no admin commands, but allows this player to join a "full" server if ReservedSlot is enabled, and a reserved slot is available.
This access level also ensures this player won't be kicked to make room for another Admin joining the "full" server.

Just FYI, It seems that linux support has been dropped from Beetlefart's latest versions because they cannot get a stable version compiled.

This may return as I believe that BeetleFart is looking for a linux dev to help out, but in the mean time I believe the latest release is .39 (which was unstable on my server and seemed to have alot of bugs)- the windows release is up to .45 iirc


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