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mani admin need help
ok i dl the newest ver of mani admin plugin from the web site
inistall it but it didnt have the adminlist.txt file in the cfg folder
so inistall the older version and copy the adminlist.txt from there
and added my self as a admin using steam id in this format
when i run the server it say your not authorised to run the admin command
i already made vdf file alos the Executing mani_server.cfg

also when went back to double check the steam id i input in the adminlist
the file it self was adminlist.txt.old could this be the reason y i get the error if so how to fix it

also tried usin ip steamid:ip
username password
get the same result

the mani ver is 1.2beta r
i figure it out
ok if u have the latest ver of mani admin plugin and u get your not authorised to run command admin
go cfg folder then admin plugin then client.txt and add ur steam id at the end on an empty line
then run the server and ur done

thnx to every bodys help this site rocks

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