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I have an extra PC that I have lying around, so I'm going to be setting it up sometime soon for use as a dedicated server during some local lan parties. This server will ONLY be used for lans. There is always a regular CS:S server up and running, but I want to get some modded servers up and running.

I want to be able to easily switch between these modes for CS:S. It doesn't have to be super easily like admin menu controlable, just controllable in some way or another.

Regular ol' CS:S
CS:S Deathmatch (through either CS:S DM plugin (or eventscripts + EStools if it works by itself))
CS:S Zombie Mod (using either zombiemod or zombie horde (Which one is better? lemme know!)
CS:S GG (through eventscripts and GG mod)
CS:S GG+DM (through eventscripts, EStools, and GG mod)

I will be running MetaMod: Source and Mani's Admin all the time (unless you can recomend me something better!) on all the game modes.

Now, I know there is a simple (although probably more time consuming) way to do this, and that is just create a different SCRDS for each mode. And this brings me to my first question.

If I just use the hldsupdatertool once and get metamod and mani's admin running flawlessly on one copy, can I just copy the folder and rename the root folder of it all so I can just copy the basics for all of them and then build on that? Or will this cause errors? (I can always use the tool 5 times, just time consuming...)

And now, onto the better question. Is there a way I can install and configure all of the mods, and somehow (maybe by rcon exeing something?) switch between modes? Switching between modes would have to change the maplist as well.

Also, any general tips for me and this server is appreciated. If its easy to setup a server for complete remote control, it would be cool if you could give me some tips, cuz then I don't have to hog a gamers space for my server.

P.s.: The servers running windows XP 32bit on an AMD Athlon64 3200+ (or possibly a 3000+ can't remember) with 1GB of ram and a 9800pro 128mb, if that matters at all.
You can use mani_admin_plugin for adding command to your RCON list and adding which files to load and unload.
Bonsaihero Wrote:You can use mani_admin_plugin for adding command to your RCON list and adding which files to load and unload.

Mmk, guess I just need to research on the capabilities of mani_admin_plugin more.
Are you saying the switching I want to do can be done solely with mani_admin_plugin?

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