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Kernel Recompile
Hi all

I'm hoping someone here can help me/point me in the right direction.
I help run a 32 slot server for a gaming community and we recently got a new box built up.

The stats are as follows
Core2 E6600 @ 2.4ghz
4Gig DDR2 667Mhz

And the linux distribution reports back as this (sorry i'm a bit of a linux n00b)

Linux version 2.6.20-1.2952.fc6xen ( (gcc version 4.1.1 20070105 (Red Hat 4.1.1-51)) #1 SMP Wed May 16 18:37:05 EDT 2007

This is 64Bit redhat.

Whenever I type "stats" into console the FPS is 120ish (thats without players) so you can imagine how low it is with players on. I've read that recompiling the kernel to 1000hz can help to boost the FPS.

So i've read that you should go to and get the latest kernel to compile, however im concerned this may not be true for a 64bit OS.

Could anyone help me out and suggest the correct kernel to download, (currently running 2.6.20-1.2952.fc6xen) and maybe point me in the right direction to some decent, easy to follow instructions

Many thanks
You did try -tickrate 100 or -tickrate 66 and fps_max 600 with sv_maxupdaterate 100 in your command line i hope :-)
I dont now if srcds is still using -pingboost 1/2/3 but i think it does on linux
well im not trying 100tickrate as the general rules is you don't run that with more than 18 players (we have 32) and also the fact that the server FPS is lower than 100 would mean the server would choke a lot.

fps_max is a windows only command and has no effect on the linux srcds (have tried it as well to verify this and its true)

Pingboost was dropped ages ago unfortuntatly, so I need to recompile, hence my post Big Grin

Cheers though
FoRcEFiRe Wrote:fps_max is a windows only command and has no effect on the linux srcds (have tried it as well to verify this and its true)

+fps_max does work for linux..

Also, there are previous threads about kernel recompiles on these forums. Try a search.
hi muppet cheers for reply

well if it does work then ur lucky, tried here no joy

well aware there are recompile threads here, however im running 64bit and i dont think any of them cover that, so if anyone has any 64bit redhat recompile experience could they offer some tips?
Ah, ok sorry. Just thought the principle would of been the same for all linux kernels.

There is a guide at on how to build one - not sure how good it is though.

I know that kernels 2.6 -> 2.6.12 came default as 1000hz - but then all new ones are default at CONFIG_HZ 250.

You could also check out for a few other guides.
it should be the same, i just did it for a woodcrest box just to see. that was on centos which is based on redhat so those guides should work. the architecture is built into the kernels so it's the same download, just choose the right processor when you get to that part and if you're editing any arch files make sure you do it in x64 instead of i386.
thanks guys, we are testing it on a virtual machine first before we move onto the main server Big Grin

will post back results after we have done it

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