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Latency Issues
Hello, my friend recently moved into a new house and got his internet installed, and now for some reason he cant connect to any servers without getting a connection error and if he does get in he has like 600 ping , other times it says he cannot connect to steam master server and such.

I got him to go to run>cmd>ping (our server)

and hes only pinging an average 40 through that

so steam is somehow lagging him really bad, anyone got any ideas?
Well, hes reinstalling steam now hoping it will fix the problem so, well see what happens.
Ok so it seems that other friend was having the same problem, this is after there steam suggested that they updated there video card drivers, so my one friend who is having the latency issues tryed to update his video card and he got some error half way through saying something about windows logo authentication or something. Anyway my other friend came on and was having the same problem, they both have geforce 7900, but one is GO 7900 (laptop) the other is 7900 GT.

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